Oilmeals export jumps in June
   Date :20-Jul-2022

Oilmeals export 
Business Bureau
INDIA’S oilmeals export jumped over two-fold in June to 4,31,840 tonnes on record shipment of rapeseed meal, according to industry data. The exports stood at 2,03,868 tonnes in the same month last year, according to
Solvent Extractors’ Association (SEA) of India.
“Export of oilmeals for the month of June 2022 provisionally reported at 431,840 tonnes, compared to 203,868 tonnes in June 2021,” the association said in a statement. SEA highlighted that there was record export of rapeseed meal last month at 3,08,549 tonnes on increased domestic output as well as processing. In June 2022, the exports of soyabean meal stood at 32,194 tonnes, groundnut meal 707 tonnes, rice bran extraction 64,025 tonnes and castor seed meal 26,365 tonnes.
As per the SEA data, the overall export of oilmeals during April-June 2022 rose 39 per cent to 10,21,265 tonnes as compared to 7,35,892 tonnes in the year-ago period. In the first three months of the current fiscal year, SEA said export of rapeseed meal has increased to 7,06,904 tonnes.
At present, SEA said that India is the most competitive supplier of rapeseed meal to South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and other far east countries. In the case of soybean meal, the association pointed out that India is still outpriced in the international market. Among major importers, SEA said that, during April-June 2022, South Korea imported 3,38,800 tonnes of oilmeals, as compared to 2,52,063 tonnes in the corresponding period of the previous year.