Professional networking platforms can ease procedures in businesses: Puglia
   Date :15-Aug-2022

Business Bureau
“THE professional networking platforms especially Linkedin can be used to its optimum potential for fine management and easing the procedures in individual and business engagements,” said Pragati Puglia, Senior Talent and Learning Solutions Manager, Linkedin.
She was addressing the weekly session organised by Vidarbha Management Association (VMA) at Chitanvis Centre, Civil Lines. She gave insights on making optimum use of LinkedIn during her topic of discourse ‘Unlocking LinkedIn’s potential for individual and corporate engagements’. Puglia further said, “LinkedIn has set formats wherein you have to just customise things as per your requirements. If you wish to hire professionals for your company or business then LinkedIn offers you hiring frame, tentative job descriptions, and filters to reach right candidates, interview questions and many more options that makes the procedure of hiring easy for you. This process makes it easy for the aspirants to reach the right recruiters”. Highlighting other benefits of professional networking site, she said that there are huge number of features on Linkedin that are free and can accelerate ones professional presence skillfully.
A business can do wonders with the help of company page. It can invite connections and form base of stakeholders and customers. While doing so, reaching targeted audience is also possible by setting up location limits. Posting frequent and attractive content engage right traffic to the page and interest can be generated in the communities, she
pointed out.
“You can get those eyeballs glued to your page by even posting relevant news/ articles/ information/ content etc. Also following prospective clients, commenting and suggesting on their posts can make you noticed,” she added.
Moderator of the session was Rahul Deshpande while Augment tip was shared by Dr Soma Sharma on the topic ‘Upgrade to Upscale’ that covered right processes for successful business.