Minister Tulsiram Silawat inspects Kaliasot Dam
   Date :05-Aug-2022

Tulsiram Silawat 
Staff Reporter
Water Resources, Fishermen Welfare and Fisheries Development Minister Tulsiram Silawat along with departmental officers inspected Kaliasot Dam in Bhopal the other day. Instructions were given after discussing with the officials of the Water Resources Department regarding water-logging, security, maintenance of the gate and development of the dam as a tourist destination. Executive Engineer Nitin Kuhikar, Sub-Divisional Officer Avinash Sahu, Executive Engineer (Electrical Engineering) Manoj Mishra and other officers were present. During the inspection of Kaliasot dam, Water Resources Minister Silawat directed officials to beautify the site around the dam and develop it as a tourist destination, so that the local people can get maximum employment. He talked about planting fruit-bearing and shady plants on a large scale on the banks of the reservoir. He also discussed about the development of other facilities including film shooting, water sports center, accommodation for tourists near the dam, restaurants for food and drinks, children's park and parking along with tourism to Kaliasot dam. Officers instructed to pay attention to the maintenance of the gate: Water Resources Minister Silawat expressed displeasure on seeing the leakage of water from the gate during the inspection of the dam and instructed to pay attention to the maintenance of the gate and stop wastage of water. Silawat also gave instructions to increase the security of Kaliasot dam.