NMC to set up animal crematorium at Bhandewadi Dumping Yard
   Date :05-Aug-2022

By Sagar Mohod
Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is going to set up a crematorium for the animals so that they too can be cremated honourably. According to the plan, the crematorium will come up on 1800 sq mtr land earmarked at the Bhandewadi Dumping Yard. The Department of Solid
Waste Management is looking for an agency that can design, execute and run the animal crematorium.
At present, in absence of any centralised cremation facility, the staff of civic body lift the carcass of animals and go to nearest crematorium where they are buried. However, the process is quite tedious and requires considerable quantity of land that is a scarce resource, said Dr Gajendra Mahalle, Deputy Commissioner, Solid Waste Management, NMC, while talking to The Hitavada.
Right now after lifting the carcass of the animal, the staff has to dug-up a big pit at the crematorium and then buries the body. Particularly during the rainy season the practice of digging pit is quite a complicated task. Also, for NMC finding adequate land is becoming a problem as with rapid urbanisation it is quite limited in the urban places these days.
Therefore, the crematorium was need of the hour so that one can scientifically dispose of the carcass of animals and ensure that good hygiene is maintained in city. According to Dr Mahalle nearly every big city has the arrangement in place and hence NMC too decided to have a similar set-up. At Bhandewadi, there is adequate land and hence it was natural choice to set up the animal crematorium where the carcass would be handed over to the agency tasked with running the facility. The NMC has also said that the agency that may set up the animal crematorium would be required to operate and maintain the facility for five-year period.
He said since dead body of animals is lifted by the civic body staff, mainly the sanitary staff, it was decided not to duplicate the work and ensure that private agency only sticks with cremation of the carcass. Either, the crematorium would work on electric or the diesel as the agency decides once the terms are finalised. As per rough estimates, NMC said the cost of establishing the animal crematorium could be Rs nine crore, it could be less or increase depending upon the agency's quotation that is yet to be received.
The animal crematorium would have capacity of handling matter of about 500 kg/hour based on air gas fire furnace that is quite sufficient as per present needs. Along side the operator would also need to have 15 kilo litre per day waste water treatment facility.
As per NMC record, daily two big animals bodies are recovered, they are either that of cow or buffalo and 15 to 20 small animals, either dog or cats. Once the animals are cremated the ashes would be collected and later deposited in the central land fill that is available at Bhandewadi Dumping Yard.
Since number of citizens also has dogs and cats as pets they too can opt for their cremation when required. Currently they also have to dug up a pit and bury the dead pets that is quite a tedious task. The crematorium would thus fulfill the need for a centralised and easy facility for performing last rites of animals in hassle free manner.
To a question, Dr Mahalle said the animal crematorium should be ready within a period of one year post finalisation of agency by NMC.