Wheat prices rise as rains damage crops
   Date :05-Aug-2022

Wheat prices rise 
Business Bureau
IT SEEMS that there is no escape for the common man from inflation as prices of essential food items are gradually moving up impacting household budgets. The wheat prices of varieties like MP Bot and Lokwan have increased by Rs 300 per quintal to Rs 400 per quintal during the past 15 days as heavy rains have damaged the crop which may result in lower production and supply to the market.
“Heavy rains have spoilt the wheat crop and the prices have moved up by Rs 300 per quintal to Rs 400 per quintal in the Kalamna Wholesale Market,” said Prabhakar Deshmukh, President of Nagpur Chillar Kirana Vyapari Sangh while speaking to The Hitavada. He said that wheat is mostly brought from Madhya Pradesh to the Kalamna Wholesale Market to meet the local demand.
In the Kalamna Wholesale Market, the wheat MP Bot variety is being quoted at Rs 3,600 per quintal compared to 15 days ago at Rs 3,000 per quintal, a rise of Rs 300 per quintal. Similarly, the Lokwan variety is being quoted at Rs 2,700 per quintal as compared to Rs 2,300 per quintal in the same period, up by Rs 400 per quintal, he said.
As a result of incessant rains, the farmers have suffered huge losses as most of their crops have been washed away. They would have to sow their fields and incur expenses in purchasing seeds, he mentioned.