Actress Raveena Tandon spots ‘Bagheera’ at Pench Tiger Reserve
   Date :01-Sep-2022

Raveena Tandon 
Business Bureau
BOLLYWOOD actress Raveena Tandon, an avid wildlife lover who also has immense love for photography was in Pench Tiger Reserve recently for a short vacation.
She posted photos and videos on her social media quoting – “What a wonderful getaway! How important it is, to just spontaneously take off from the city once in a while! @tathasturesorts thank you for the fabulous food, hospitality, and amazing sightings @tathasturesorts!
She went for multiple jungle safaris in the Khawasa / Teliya zone and spotted the rare black leopard named ‘Bagheera’ during her safari. It was a sight she would not have expected but sure would cherish. Sightings of melanistic leopards are incredibly rare. They hunt at night and, with their dark coats, are almost impossible to spot.
She and her team praised the team and staff of Tathastu Resorts for hosting her.
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