ED seizes over Rs 17 cr cash after raids on Kolkata-based gaming app operators
   Date :11-Sep-2022

ED seizes over Rs 17 cr cash
THE Enforcement Directorate on Saturday seized about Rs 17 crore in cash after it raided the promoters of a Kolkata-based mobile gaming app company as part of a money-laundering investigation. A photograph released by the federal agency showed bundles of seized Rs 500 currency notes along with a few in the denomination of Rs 2,000 and Rs 200 stacked together on a bed. The agency pressed in five note-counting machines and brought bank staff to ascertain the exact value of the cash haul.
The searches were conducted at half-a-dozen locations of the gaming app named ‘E-Nuggets’ and its promoter identified as Aamir Khan and others, the Enforcement Directorate said in a statement. CRPF personnel escorted the ED teams to locations like Garden Reach, Park Street and Mominpur areas in and around the West Bengal capital, among others. So far, about Rs 17 crore in cash has been found at the premises and the counting is still in progress, official sources said.