‘We want to learn good things from other cities to remove the deficiencies in Chandigarh’
   Date :17-Sep-2022

learn good things 
By Vikas Vaidya
“Chandigarh has several good things. In fact, we are ahead of other cities in some aspects. For example, we were the first to start 24X7 water scheme. In terms of cleanliness, we are just behind Indore. Still, we feel there are a few things lacking in our city, which, if we improve upon, then our city, too, can become number one in the country,” said Sarbjit Kaur, Mayor of Chandigarh, while talking to ‘The Hitavada’.
A team of councillors from Chandigarh headed by Mayor Sarbjit Kaur visited Nagpur to see what the second capital of Maharashtra had done as far as civic issues were concerned. The team visited Bhandewadi dumping yard, where Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Waste To Energy project is running.
The team appreciated the support from Banwarilal Purohit, Governor of Punjab and Administrator of Chandigarh.
It was his advice to visit other cities like Indore, Nagpur etc and see projects and how they were facilitating the citizens.
“We visited Indore, which has received the award for cleanliness for five times. It is expected that it would receive the same for sixth consecutive time. Chandigarh, too, is clean but there are some deficiencies. For example, we have Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), but it is not functioning. However, in Nagpur, STPs are running well. As far as cleanliness is concerned, I feel the people of Indore are equally sensitive. In Chandigarh, we have started awareness campaign in schools, colleges and other institutions about cleanliness,” said Sarbjit Kaur. Dalip Sharma, Senior Deputy Mayor and 3-time Councillor pointed out, “Chandigarh is very beautiful city. We have well-maintained 1,800 parks. Our city is a heritage city as it has graceful monuments. Chandigarh, otherwise, is a neat and clean city but it has some loopholes. We want those loopholes to be covered. We are learning what other cities have done and those lessons we will apply our city to make it number one.”
Gurbax Rawat, another Councillor with consecutive third term stated, “I feel Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) can make wonder. We will like to take help from them. People’s participation is very important aspect. At the same time, NGOs’ help should be sought.”
Explaining about the team’s visit to National Environmental and Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Sarbjit Kaur said, “We have small water streams which are there since long. It is basically a good system as the excess water gets
collected in those streams preventing water logging in the city. But since past some years these outlets are overflowing so we want the solution for it. We want to invite NEERI team to Chandigarh and help us resolve our problem.”
Whatever we are learning, we not only want to take it to our city and implement but we also want the measures should be adopted permanently. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants every part of the country should be clean. We are endeavouring for the same for Chandigarh, added Sarbjit Kaur.