CM announces devpt works of Rs 159 crore at Daundilohara
   Date :21-Sep-2022

CM announces 
Staff Reporter
The Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel presented the gift of development works worth Rs 159 crore on Tuesday under the Dondilohara Assembly Constituency. The CM laid foundation stones for various development works worth Rs 112 crore and the inauguration of works worth Rs 46 crore.
Under the Dondilohara Assembly Constituency, bhoomipujan of 87 development works worth Rs 112 crore 55 lakh and inauguration of 35 development work worth Rs 46 crore 68 lakh have been done. In this way, the bhoomipujan and inauguration of 122 development work for Rs 159 crore 23 lakh have been done by Chief Minister.
In main development works, the Chief Minister launched the Pre-Matric Tribal Boys Hostel in Salhe at the cost of Rs 152 lakh, in Daundi at the cost of Rs 191 lakh, in Dalli at the cost of Rs 152 lakh, in Sur Dungar at the cost of Rs 152 lakh, and in Daundilohara at the cost of Rs 192 lakh. He also performed the bhoomipujan of the Pre-Matric Girls Hostel in Mangchuva at the cost of Rs 191 lakh. Similarly, under the Pradhanmantri Gram Sadak Yojana, the construction of a 15 km. long road between Kusumkasa and Pandel Singwahi was launched. The inauguration of the renovation works in Swami Atmanand English Medium School worth Rs 197 lakh in Dondilohara was also done. The Bhoomipujan of the reconstruction work worth Rs 238 lakh of the sewer path between Badgaon to Bhindi which is 2.32 Km long was conducted. Similarly, the Bhoomipujan of the 2.2 Km road construction work including the culvert between Bharitola to Jaradih was also done. Bhoomipujan of various works under the Nal Jal Yojana was done. Besides these, a Sub-health Center building in Beetal worth Rs 277 lakh, an art and culture room in Bharritola worth Rs 696 lakh, a laboratory room in Bhaisbod, library in Chikhlakasa and Bhaisbod worth Rs 9 lakh each, the rural industry shed construction in Awari worth Rs 19 lakh, 50- seater hostel in Government ITI Dondilohara worth Rs 157 lakh were also launched. Along with these, a total of four roads were also launched.