Structured actions
   Date :22-Sep-2022

WHY at times is it impossible and difficult to wait? It takes a toll as if everything is dependent on it. Planning starts and then comes the worst devil of negative thought ruining the plan. “What if it doesn’t happen that way?” The ship of hope sinks beneath the sea like dropping a stone in the water. No one knows that stones does exist like that beautiful dream I thought.
Well, before I create a positive thought, different friends of the devil join in. The first one is “finding faults.” “I don’t have this, I don’t have that.” Mercury of positive mindset falls down in a second. Before I do something to climb up sister of the devil pops up. “What’ll people think? Some won’t like it and you will annoy them. Think of something else.” Hmm….time has gone and finally, little heart is down with the fever of low feeling “I can’t do it.” Recently, I did 10X Sales Online programme where it was told “take 10X actions to get 10X results.” It’s a fact all the time. Until your actions are planned one after the other, nothing is going to h a p p e n . Then the devil, its friends and sister get a chance to stop you from being an ‘action taker.’ Top management people have their appointment diary in which every second’s actions are booked. Every hour, minute and seconds are fixed.
When you are free from appointments of your time – there you create a big source of wasteful thinking. Learn the new techniques of booking the time and you will find you are always busy. Before going into the deep, I read more than 50 articles, attended workshops and bought courses to find out what work best for me. Believe me, nothing worked for me. After doing 10X Sales – I realised it has more to do with the things you love. You also need a platform to utilise all your skills which will keep you engaged in finding out “how.” Before joining a few business networking groups– I was limited to a small set of actions. However, after joining it – a plethora of opportunities opened up. Multiple skills, varieties of businesses, great people to your talents. I understood that the more I am busy bringing immense satisfaction to myself, the more I don’t have time to get distracted. Making use of all my skills to a greater extent is what I look forall the time. For the first time, I learned to fix my routine the way I want to spend it. I need to assign time slots for different unlimited actions to execute one after the other. It doesn’t matter all will be accomplished; however, my plan from A, B, C…..Z are fixed. If one gets doomed, the other is already ready in the queue to enact. In the process, I learned a new type of appointment. My all complaints have finished about “time management” as I invented “structured actions” in my life.