GoGas launches unique ‘Gin Kar Lo Gin Kar Do’ scheme
   Date :09-Sep-2022

Business Bureau
INDIA’S leading LPG company, GoGas a brand of Confidence Petroleum India Ltd, has launched a unique scheme in the LPG industry in Nagpur. GoGas has inaugurated its policy of ‘Gin Kar Lo Gin Kar Do’ in their home-ground and has plans to move to other states in a phased manner.
This was disclosed by Sumit Bhadra, General Manager, Packed Cylinder Division (PCD) while speaking in a press conference on Thursday. Rajshree Telharkar, CGM and Ashraf Kamal, AGM were also present.
Telharkar said, “The difficulties of commercial LPG customers are almost the same everywhere. To bridge this gap, GoGas brings a ‘Direct to Market’ facility for its customers, where LPG cylinders are sold directly to its customers.
She said, “Every time we give back an empty cylinder some residue gas always stays back. It is so light that the weight of it cannot be felt. Customers have no way of counting how much gas is still left in that empty cylinder. This is why GoGas wanted to intervene and make sure that the customer only pays for the LPG that they have consumed and not for the residue that is left behind.”
Today, LPG is selling above Rs 100 per kg and if there is 200 grams to 2 kg of gas left in your cylinder then you may lose up to Rs 200,” she explained.
For example: The original weight of empty cylinder of 21 kg is 19 kg. Currently the rate of LPG is Rs 100 per kg. So, if the cylinder weighs 19.8 kg while returning, leave 200 grams and pay the customer 600 grams of LPG at Rs 60 that will be credited in customers LPG account.