ATCS to improve traffic signals in city
   Date :10-Jan-2023

traffic signals 
By Deepak Tyagi
Taking cognisance of complaints being received from the public about the problems being caused by odd timings of traffic lights in state capital, Smart City Bhopal is working to use Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) in the city to monitor the traffic with the sensors to detect traffic volume.
Automatic Traffic Control System (ATCS) has been implemented in the capital under the Smart City Project. After the full implementation of this system, the residents of the city will not only get rid of traffic jams while driving, but also save the time spent on signals everywhere. Its capacity is being further increased by installing solar panels on the signal.
These signals in the city are being made more smart and efficient by installing solar panels, due to which the traffic signals will not stop working even after theere is no power supply. Now the traffic signals will not stop working when the lights are off. Smart City Bhopal is working to install these signals at all 65 junction points of the city, which is to be completed by March. This project started at a cost of around Rs 20 crores, the people of the city will get rid of frequent traffic jams. The traffic systems currently in place work on simple enforcement system technology. In these, the signal changes on the basis of timing only. Due to this, even after the road is empty, it can proceed only after changing the signal, due to which many times the road has to face jam.
Signals from the ATCS system will be able to decide on their own which signal to change based on the current traffic pressure or the number of vehicles. Based on the number of vehicles, the traffic signal will automatically give red,green and yellow signals, this will save unnecessary time spent on the signals.