Mercury dips to 7 0 C, yellow alert for severe cold in Bhopal
   Date :17-Jan-2023

Mercury dips 
Staff Reporter
Mercury has dipped by several points in all parts of Madhya Pradesh. The frosty wind coming from northern parts of country has brought extreme cold conditions.
Minimum temperature declined by 1.4 points and touched record of 7 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees below normal temperature on Monday. In past 15 years, this was the coldest Makar Sankranti in state. As per Hindus belief, on Makar Sankranti Sun god entered to the Makar rashi (zodiac) that marks end of winters. But this year January 14 and 15 broke all records with coldest day and night. On January 14, minimum temperature was 8.4 degrees Celsius while on January 15, minimum temperature dipped to 7 degrees Celsius. In past 48 hours, temperature has declined by 6 points. Weather officials said that last year minimum temperature on Makar Sankranti was recorded as 9.7 degrees Celsius. Bhopal, Raisen, Rajgarh, Guna, Gwalior and other nine districts recorded minimum temperature below 7 degrees Celsius on Monday. Indore and other 20 districts recorded minimum temperature below 10 degrees Celsius. In State capital Bhopal, day temperature was recorded as 20.1 degrees Celsius, five degrees below normal. This was the third cold day of this season. Earlier, January 3 and 4 were cold days in Bhopal. Weather Department has forecast yellow alert for severe cold wave in nine districts including Bhopal, Raisen and Rajgarh.