‘China’s COVID toll 400 mn, CCP covering up’
   Date :19-Jan-2023

China’s COVID 
CHINA’S hospital is flooded with dead bodies and long queues are seen at crematoria, with 400 million people losing their lives to the epidemic, ‘The Epoch Times’ reported citing Li Hongzhi. Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, said that as many as 400 million people have been killed in China due to the epidemic and the Chinese Communist Party has been trying to cover up. He also said that when this wave of epidemic ends, 500 million people will have died in China.
Master Li said, when SARS claimed 200 million lives in China, the report said, adding that many years later, the CCP discovered that the population had decreased, and immediately released the two-child and three-child systems.
Authorities said that since December 7, the number of COVID death cases has increased.
Earlier, after lifting COVID restrictions, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that no new deaths had been reported for 11 consecutive days. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on January 8 that only 37 people died from the epidemic between December 7 last year and January 8 this year but the new report has punctured the claim.
The CDC stated that nearly 60,000 deaths were reported in China. Sinologist and military strategist Ben Lowsen (Ben Lawson) wrote an article in the ‘Diplomat’ magazine on January 5, saying that the Chinese may now face “the largest death incident since the Great Leap Forward”. Between 1958 and 1961, Mao’s policies resulted in the death of 20 million or more people in famines, and amidst the chaos and tragedy, Chinese authorities decided not to provide statistics on the number of deaths in the famines, he said.