‘BBC documentary on Modi a propaganda piece’
   Date :20-Jan-2023

BBC documentary on Modi  
INDIA on Thursday denounced the controversial ‘BBC’ documentary series on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and described it as a “propaganda piece” that is designed to push a discredited narrative.
Addressing a weekly media briefing, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi said that this documentary show, based on some internal UK report, shows the colonial mindset. “We think this is a propaganda piece designed to push a particular discredited narrative. The bias and the lack of objectivity and frankly continuing colonial mindset are belatedly visible,” Bagchi said in response to the question on the series.
UK’s National broadcaster ‘BBC’ aired a two-part series attacking PM Narendra Modi’s tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister during the Gujarat riots of 2002. The documentary sparked outrage and was removed from select platforms.
Prominent Indian-origin UK citizens condemned the series. Prominent UK Citizen Lord Rami Ranger said, the “BBC caused a great deal of hurt to over a billion Indians.”
The MEA spokesperson said, the documentary is a reflection of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and individuals that are peddling this narrative again. He even raised questions on “the purpose of the exercise and the agenda behind it.” Referring to apparent remarks made by ex-UK Secretary Jack Straw in series, Bagchi said, “He (Jack Straw) seems to be referring to some internal UK report. How do I have access to that? It’s a 20-year-old report. Why would we jump on it now? Just because Jack says.”