Sehore jumps from 44the rank to 4th in ‘Print Rich Environment’ in just 3 months
   Date :21-Jan-2023

Print Rich Environment 
By Jayant Daswani
Rajya Shiksha Kendra runs several programmes to enhance the skills and proficiency of its teachers so as to make government schools and its environment more enriching and conducive for learning. It is obvious that the improvement of teachers and school environment will ultimately benefit the students studying in government schools. Recently, Sehore DIET and Zila Shiksha Kendra in their incredible feet took a high stride to rank 4 from rank 44 in ‘Print Rich Environment’ in just three months. Print rich environment is an environment in which children are exposed to different types of pictures, posters and beautifully painted walls that adorn poems, stories, pictures of great leaders and pictures of their favourite cartoon characters around them, that gives them a chance to learn by only looking at them.
State and district facilitator Abhishek Bhargava while talking to ‘The Hitavada’ said that he and his team give all the credit to Shaikshik Samvad for this achievement. In ‘Shaikshik Samvad’ a team of BAC, CAC and Primary and Middle teachers with same interest and work experience from other blocks, districts come together and discuss academic points online. In these discussions many innovative methods and ideas are shared by the teachers that lead to the development of school and children of the country.