After updation, now 5.39 crore voters in MP; women ahead of men
   Date :06-Jan-2023

5.39 crore  voters in MP 
Staff Reporter
The number of voters in Madhya Pradesh has increased to 5,39,85,876. In one month’s voters’ list updation, 13.39 lakhs new voters have been added to the list. There are more women voters among them. More than 75,000 names of women are associated with it as compared to men. There are 11,81,747 voters in the age group of 18-19 years, who will cast their vote for the first time in the upcoming Assembly elections.
On Thursday, voters’ lists were put up at 64,100 polling booths in the presence of booth-level officer (BLOs). The process of name addition-removal or amendment will go on continuously in the State.
Chief Electoral Officer Anupam Rajan said that between November 9 and December 8 in Madhya Pradesh, action was taken for brief revision of voters. During this, BLOs were present at 64,100 polling stations. With their help, Form-6 (Addition of Name), Form-7 (Deletion of Name) and Form-8 (Amendment) applications were taken. 
A total of 19,31,205 Form-6 applications were received for adding names. Out of these, 18,82,701 applications were approved. 6,12,000 applications of Form-7 were received. Out of which 5,68,000 applications were approved as well as so many names were removed. Similarly, 6,90,991 applications of Form-8 came and 6,53,717 were approved. In this way a total of 32,34,258 forms were received, out of which 31,05,040 applications were approved. A total of 18,82,701 names have been added in the state, while 5,68,000 names have been deleted. In this way 13,39,000 names have increased.
Before November the number was 5 crore 26 lakh, which has now increased to 5,37,85,876. There has been an increase of 2.54 per cent in the figure. There are 41 districts out of 52 in the State, where the names of women voters are more. The number of women voters has increased by 7.07 lakh, while that of male voters has increased by 6.32 lakh. The number of voters aged 80 or above has increased to 7,40,261. In elections, these voters are given the facility to vote from home. Divyang voters are 5,07,865 whereas third gender are 1432. There are 11,81,747 voters in the 18-19 age group.
For the first time applications of youth above 17 years of age have also been taken. 1,09,000 such applications have been received. These youth will complete 18 years of age between January 1 and October 1.
Voter IDs linked to Aadhaar: Voter IDs are being linked with Aadhaar in Madhya Pradesh. Chief Electoral Officer Rajan said that the Aadhaar numbers of the left out voters have also been collected. During the revision program, 9,21,000 Aadhaar numbers have been collected. So far, Aadhaar numbers of 4,62,000 voters have been received, which is 85.60 per cent.
51k voters increased in Bhopal: There has been an increase of 51,466 voters in the capital Bhopal. Among them, the number of women voters is more. At the same time, third gender voters have also increased. The maximum number of voters increased in Huzur and Narela constituencies, while the number of voters increased the least in Bhopal Central. Voter lists have been displayed at all 2013 polling booths in Bhopal. BLO i.e. Booth Level Officer is doing ‘Election School’. Deputy District Election Officer Sanjay Srivastava and Supervisor Vinod Mehra said that the work of revision was done at all the polling stations in the district. The applications received till December 26 were disposed off and on January 5, the final voter list was published.