DRDO develops ‘Gun on Drone’ technology for futuristic warfare
   Date :06-Jan-2023

Gun on Drone 
Staff Reporter
DEFENCE Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a ‘Gun on Drone’ technology under its ‘Asymmetric Warfare’ initiative. This technology is capable of recognising, communicating and destroying targets automatically after getting command from the command centre.
“The technology demonstration of ‘Gun on Drone’ has already been done. Further development in the project is on,” said Hari Babu Srivastava, Director General (Technology Management), DRDO, while interacting with media persons during the 108th Indian Science Congress at RTMNU campus.
Talking about futuristic weapons development plans of DRDO, Srivastava said, “Exoskeleton suit which is also known as power armour of the soldier is under development phase. This suit will help to reduce war casualties and the main function of this suit is to assist the soldier by boosting his strength and endurance.”
Some futuristic weapons have already been inducted into the armed forces. Srivastava said, some are at Transfer of Technology (ToT) level while some are under development. “We are working on ToT of weapon systems, wearables, mine clearance technology, radars, thermal imaging etc. which is going to give us a stronghold over our enemies,” he added. Providing a broad overview of ‘Amrit Kaal’ initiative of Government of India, Srivastava said, “Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mk 2, Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA), LCA Navy, missiles, radars, communication systems are some platforms on which India is working on by keeping future threats in mind.”
The DG claimed, DRDO has already developed a laser-based anti-drone system which is in trial stage. “We have done the ToT with some private companies for production of this system,” he said.
Asked about the collaboration with start-ups, Srivastava said, “DRDO has done more than 1,500 ToTs so far with start-ups throughout the country. In 2022, we did more than 100 ToTs with start-ups and academic institutions.”
DRDO has already done much work in drone technology with the help of start-ups and private companies. It is also funding academic institutions for research and development in the field of futuristic weapons, said the senior official.
Talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Srivastava stated, “Government of India is emphasising on AI in defence sector and as a result all indigenously built weapon systems, aircraft, warships and other defence equipment will have AI components.”
“The future war is not going to be a conventional war any more. It will be chemical and biochemical war and COVID-19 is the best example of it,” said Srivastava.
The DG added that DRDO has roped in some private partners to carry on work in the field of chemical warfare. The organisation now has CBR units in Gwalior and Nagpur which is working in chemical warfare technology, Srivastava said.
‘Quantum Internet to take another decade to gain momentum’
Prof R P Singh of the Physical Research Laboratory of DRDO on Thursday said that the quantum internet would take another decade to get momentum. “It will happen after one or two decades,” he said.
The quantum internet is a network of quantum computers that will someday send, compute, and receive information encoded in quantum states.
While interacting with newspersons at the media lounge, Singh said that quantum technology is developing in the world and many big companies are investing in it. The Government of India is spending Rs 8,100 crore under National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications (NMQTA) and it will lead to a bright future for quantum technology in India, he stated.