Firecracker trade shows no growth
   Date :11-Nov-2023

Business Reporter
Markets across the city are witnessing heavy footfall on the occasion of the Diwali. From ready-made garment sellers to jewellers and from vehicle dealers to grocery shop owners, the business community seems to be reaping the fruits of excitement in the markets. Most of these are also enjoying the significant year-on-year growth in their respective businesses. However, firecracker trade in the city appears to have not been following the market trend in the current season. Sources in the markets told The Hitavada on Friday that there is no growth in sales of firecrackers for the past two to three years.
The sources also said that the firecracker prices are also not showing any sign of growth. Firecracker shops set up at Gandhibagh, Gokulpeth, Jaripatka, Sakkardara, Gittikhadan, Sadar and other places reportedly saw normal footfall on Friday. Ideally, there should have been a heavy rush on the day of Dhanteras. It is important to note that the authorities have allowed nearly 750 stalls of firecrackers in the city for the current season against the same number of stalls allowed in the previous year. Chaturbhuj Balani, one of the leading firecracker dealers in the city, confirmed that the sector is not growing in a desired manner for the past two years. “The prices are also more or less the same as compared to the last two years. It is mainly due to increased awareness among the citizens on air pollution and restricted timing for bursting crackers,” he said.
But Balani refused to accept that the people have started losing charm in firecrackers. Balani said firecrackers are an integral part of Diwali celebrations. “Customers are buying it and I think the trade will continue. But we cannot deny that many customers have cut short their spending on firecrackers,” he said. Sohel Amin, President of Nagpur Fireworks Dealers Association, also said that the sector is not growing. But he said that people are still enjoying bursting firecrackers and its demand has not gone down. “Today people are bursting it in a very responsible way and they have also accepted the restricted timing for bursting firecrackers,” he added.