New body of Nag-Vidarbha Tea Merchant Assn elected
   Date :16-Nov-2023

Nag-Vidarbha Tea Merchant  
Business Reporter
NAG-VIDARBHA Tea Merchants Association held its biennial elections recently. On the occasion, the members decided to elect Prashant Ahikar as the new President of the Association. Similarly, Virad Javery and Shambhu Tekariwal were elected as the new vice-presidents. Also, Mahendra Anchaliya and Amrit Patel were both elected as the new Joint Secretary. The other newly elected members consisted of Anil Ahirkar, Birendra Yaduka, Ashok Lad, Amolak Sethia, Amendra Yaduka and Nivesh Agrawal. The elections were held under the supervision of Rajendra Akhand. Prashant Ahikar the newly elected President of Nag-Vidarbha Tea Merchants Association thanked the members of the Association for their support.