TIME TO REJECT DirtyDriversOfDivision
   Date :10-Dec-2023

The attempt is clearly visible on the horizon to drive now a horizontal wedge across the country to create a north-south divide. Not only is it undesirable but fully condemnable -- in the strongest possible terms. For, what is visible is systematic effort to spoil the national harmony by injecting into the popular thought-process the poison of disintegration. And the tool is the overall result of the legislative elections in five States of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana (and Mizoram). The driver of this dangerous tool-kit is a bunch of political leaders belonging to different constituents of the I.N.D.I. Alliance formed by Opposition parties. Here are some disturbing points on the divisive narrative: 1. The cultured and secular voters of the South have voted in favour of the secular Congress party by electing it to power in Telangana, as against the backing of the parochial Hindu voters to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -- this was stated by a Congress leader and picked up later by several of his colleagues across the party ecosystem in the most shameless manner; 2. The DNA of the Telangana voters is different from the DNA of the Bihar voters (and the Bihar DNA is represented by the outgoing Chief Minister of Telangana Mr. K. Chandrasekara Rao) -- this was stated by the new chief Minister of Telangana, Mr. Revanth Reddy of the Congress party, again in the most brazen manner; 3.

Prem mandir Vrindavan 
The Gau-Mutra States (!!!) of the North have voted in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), namely Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh -- this was stated by Mr. Senthil Kumar, Lok Sabha Member of Parliament from the Dravida Munethra Kazhagham (DMK). Speaker Mr. Om Birla expunged this remark from the record of the Lok Sabha following strong objections to it by several members. Mr. Senthil Kumar also issued a half-hearted apology, too, for his remark. T hese statements have not come in an off-hand manner -- which is so obvious. These have come also not as part of a political euphoria, so to say. Very clearly, these statements or remarks or observations have come up as part of a tool-kit being operated by some clever agent-provocateurs gunning to poison popular mind and cause north-south divide in the country that will go to Lok Sabha elections in the next four-five months. That the voters will not fall prey to these machinations, is a given of the current national situation, all right. Yet, this happy and positive reality does not allow a pardon to be bestowed upon the drivers of division in the larger Indian society. Embittered by the terrible electoral defeat in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh where the Congress party lost power in the most decisive manner, and Madhya Pradesh where it could not whip up an anti-incumbency sentiment against the BJP. Such elements need to be handed down a strong reprimand by way of a massive electoral rejection and political isolation. T his, however, is not a political call.
This is a nationalist call that transcends the barriers and barricades of journalism. This is a call to everybody to identify the enemies of unity and integrity of the country and reject them with a sense of urgency. For, when a conscious effort is made to divide the people in such a brazen manner, the duty it is of common people to rise above the political rubble and show the drivers of division the door. These people who wish to foist on the common people an ugly idea that the people from one part of the country are more polished and secular than those in another part of the country, therefore, need to be taught a terse, no-nonsense lesson. These people are kin of those who had insisted just some time ago that Sanatan Dharma is like a disease such as Dengue. These are also the kin of some who distorted the verses in the holy Shri Ramcharit Manas a few months ago in an attempt to present a distorted picture of the country’s glorious past. These people are also in the kinship of those who ask the Pakistanis to lend them help to oust Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ....! W hat kind of dirty minds do these people possess?! They know nothing of Indian history. They do not know that Sanatan is endowed with divine glory, with a great tradition of knowledge and refinement of culture, with a philosophy that has remained intact through time of countless thousand years braving all attacks.
They do not know that those who have ever tried to distort or defile Sanatan Dharma have perished in the end. These drivers of division have obviously decided to ignore the reality that from North to South and East to West, India is a united country and artificial and politically-motivated division would not work here. May these people have their own way of distorting the reality of history, but the fact is that the whole of South India is a place dominated by temples and ashrams, and traditional dance and music and other arts, and great stories of warriors and philosophers. These people also have chosen to ignore the fact of history that a little boy Shankar emerged from a small Kerala village named Kaladi and travelled on foot around the whole of the country establishing not just four dhaams and become Adi Shankaracharya but also became a saviour of Hindu Dharma that was facing tough questions about its core principles and values. B ut then, these drivers of division are the supporters of the old and politically-driven theory of an unbridgable difference between the socalled Aryan and the so-called Dravidian cultures.
They are also the propagators of the so-called Aryan Invasion Theory -- that has been proved very scientifically to be totally wrong and baseless with no support whatsoever from any fact from the past. Of course, this Aryan versus Dravidian is an artificial, fully politically-driven division foisted upon the larger Indian society by the elements that have worked hard for long to destroy, demolish the country under totally false pretexts. Time it is now to tell all such people that there are countless numbers of links that bind the north and south of India together -- bonds of love, bonds of history, bonds or culture, bonds of food, bonds of dance, bonds of music, bonds of Sanatan, bonds of common heritage, bonds of common past, bonds of common future ...! Time also it is to assert that India is one place that could not be defeated by any force in history and that the country and its society have stood unitedly against all sorts of invasions not just for a few years but also for a few thousand years. How can a couple of political parties and their shallow pseudo-philosophers then divide the country horizontally? They have no power to do that. They have no idea that they are inviting their doom sooner than later.
May some of such people suggest that Sanatan is a disease. May some others suggest that the Aryans and the Dravidians are different. May some of them call a few North Indian States as Gau Mutra States. But none of these dirty epithets will ever stick. For, the country will never back divisive politics in the long run. The drivers of divisions may register some wins here and there. In the long run, however, the country’s larger society will stand together no matter the propagandist narrative of the dirty minds driven by shallow and narrow political agendas. Y ES, ‘division’ is the key word of these people who wish to come under a common umbrella of a political configuration of I.N.D.I. Alliance -- though they don’t seem to realise that their internal and natural contradictions will stall their unity. However, the point here is not to talk of electoral politics. At this point, one feels like recalling what Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi told the Opposition at the start of the current session of Parliament -- Don’t be driven by negativism, understand that the people need development beyond politics...! It is, of course, preposterous to expect the political Opposition to say that the goal of opposing the Prime Minister cannot be a credible, enduring mission. For, what the common people want is a harmonious polity embellished by development-oriented politics in which all segments of the larger society get an equal opportunity to grow. Such people craving to see India become a truly developed global leader by 2047, therefore, will not be driven by attempts of artificial divisions of the society. They are now seeing good signs of real growth and development. Why should they, then, be driven by falsehood and Goebbelsian propaganda? At this point in the national journey, the common people are looking for agents of unity and proponents of integration -- and certainly not the drivers of division. This is the truth of the story of India today.