Israel shifts offensive tocrowded southern Gaza
   Date :03-Dec-2023

AS VIDEOS of Palestinians celebrating with the freed terrorists have gone viral, despite Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s instructions to police to employ “an iron fist” to prevent such glorification, Israel on Saturday pounded targets in the crowded southern half of the Gaza Strip and ordered more neighbourhoods designated for attack to evacuate, driving up the death toll even as the United States and others urged it to do more to protect Gaza civilians.
The Almagor Terror Victims Association previously released a study that found that 80 per cent of Palestinian terrorists released in political deals resumed their violent activities. At least 200 Palestinians have been killed since fighting resumed on Friday morning following a weeklong truce withtheterritory’s rulingmilitantgroupHamas,according totheHealthMinistryinGaza. “We are the sword of Mohammed Deif,” declared Roda Abu Agamiya, referring to Hamas’ shadowy terror chief in the Gaza Strip.
Abu A gamiya is one of more than 200 Palestinian terrorists Israel has released over the last week as part of the ceasefiredealwithHamasand who have been feted upon their return to Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. The police are already investigating her for incitement. In one video, terroristsare paraded around on supporters’ shoulders as a crowd waves PLO flags. Anotherexampleis thejoyous welcome in Bethlehem for Fatima Shaheen, who stabbed 36-year-old Gush Etzion resident and father of three,No am Anisfeld,onApril 17, 2023. “I’m not afraid. This isn’taboutme.Releasing murderers and those convicted of attempted murder is a terrible thing, morally and for public safety,” Anisfeld, who suffered knife wounds to his abdomen,told the Tazpit Press Service. “Perhaps we had to releasethemtosave innocent hostages, but this must reinforce our commitment to destroy the terror organisations completely,” he added. Meanwhile, Health Ministry in Gaza announced that the overall death toll in GazasincetheOctober7 start of the Israel-Hamas war surpassed 15,200, a sharp jump from the previous count of more than 13,300. The ministry hadstoppedissuingdaily updates of the overall toll on November 11, following war-related disruptions of connectivity and hospital operations.