Carcass of tigress found in PTR, officials on toes
   Date :02-Feb-2023

Carcass of tigress 
Staff Reporter
Tigress T-1 was found dead under suspicious circumstances in Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) on Wednesday morning. The incident has put forest officials on toes as reserve has lost three tigers in just two months. The carcass is about ten days old and found 30 km (village Manor) from National Highway 39. Wildlife activities and RTI applicants have raised question over monitoring team of forest department and said that a tiger has died near National Highway and field staff is unaware. The tigress was having radio collar in her neck but the park management could not trace her.
Local forest dwellers informed about the carcass to forest team. Sources said that patrolling team and field staff are assigned in large number especially in this area but no one could find out the carcass. The reserve has lost three tigers in two months.
PTR Field Director Brijendra Jha has confirmed the death of feline. Officials of the reserve got disappointed with death of this cat as she was founder member of tiger re-introduction plan of Panna. The tigress was about 14 years old. However average life of a tiger is 14 to 15 years. Locals of the area said that T-1 was very calm in behaviour. In the year 2019, Forest Department reintroduced tigers in PTR. Tigress T-1 was brought from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve as part of tiger re-introduction plan. Cubs of this tigress increased population of big cats in PTR. After reintroducing tigers in PTR, T-1 delivered cub for the first time that brought laurels. The reserve has around 70 to 80 tigers in its periphery.