Chhindwara’s Patalkot in World Book of Records Europe
   Date :02-Feb-2023

Chhindwara’s Patalkot  
Our Correspondent
Another achievement has been registered in the account of Patalkot, the center of tourist attraction for its natural beauty. Globally known for its geographical location, the name of Patalkot has been included in the World Book of Records Europe due to mythological and medicinal plants. Certificate of World Book of Records Europe European Head of the organisation Wilhelm Zeisler (Head, World Book of Records, Europe), Pravasi Bhartiya Poonam Zeisler, Santosh Shukla (President and CEO, World Book of Records Europe) gave this certificate. Certificate of World Book of Record Europe was awarded in the presence of SDM Junnardev, MR Dhurve, CEO of Tribal Office Chhindwara, Ravi Kanojia and Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Ramesh Bharti and Bharia tribal community present in the program in village Chimtipur as a representative of the local district administration Gaya. It is worth mentioning that Patalkot, a wonderful natural heritage of Tamia tehsil of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, is mentioned internationally for its specific geographical location, mythological, tribal, culture, availability of unique medicinal plants. Apart from this, Patalkot has recently been given a special recognition by the Government of India in the name of Adventure Place of Gondwanaland, on the occasion of this historic event of world record, World Book of Records Officer Media In-charge, Dr. Suchita Shukla, Rajesh Shukla, Dr. Priyanka Shukla was also present. Information related to Patalkot was given to the World Book of Records organisation by Seoni DSP, Pradeep Valmiki during his stay in Indore some time back, after which the name of Patalkot could come in world headlines.
SDOP Junnardev, KK Awasthi, Tehsildar Tamiya Prajit Bansod were also present. The guests were welcomed in a traditional way at Patalkot. Impressed by Shaila, Gedi, Bhadam folk dance and other programmes, the Zejler couple from Switzerland gave Rs 20,000 as prize money to the artists. The officials of the World Book of Records organization distributed notebooks, pens, biscuits to all the students studying in the hostel. Distributed packets and other materials. Tribal Development Department provided Patalkot’s traditional food of maize bread, mustard greens, tomato chutney, rice and lentils to the officials of the World Book of Records, the guests present in the program and all the children present in the hostel. Gram Panchayat Kaream Rated Foreign guests were also welcomed and felicitated by wearing Chhind’s tribal crown associated with the tribal culture of Chhindwara district. Senior teachers from Chhindwara Arvind Bhatt, Ravikant Ahirwar, Prakash Soni, director of Patalkot’s kitchen, Pawan Srivastava were specially present in the said programme.