Moldings Of Mom’s Magic
   Date :26-Feb-2023

mom made with love
By BIRAJ DIXIT : Remember the one person who advised you most, tried to reason out things and introduced you to newer dimensions of perspective, the person you heeded little until life brought you face to face with the merits of those advices?You are right, it’s your mom. That most brilliant piece of God’s creation is a school of wisdom, art, craft, science, skills and management within everyone’s easy reach and means so much so that she becomes easily ignorable. “Hence this book,” says the blurb of the book - Mom made with love. The book, authored by Gaurav Gite, founder of Marrakesh Hospitality Pvt Ltd along with journalist Kalyani Sardesai, is “a tribute, a love letter and long overdue apology to the wonder woman that is Mumma.” The book starts with a visit of the yore when the little Karthikeya and Ganesha, growing in their loving mother’s shadow, have no idea what their dear mother Parvati is capable of until a danger arrives at their door.
That powerful transformation of Mother Parvati is so very evident in various shades of power that all mothers exude. The author’s own experiences in making a decisive jump from being a chef in foreign land to owner of a very successful chain of restaurants in his home country, powered by the support and a lifetime of good advices of his mother, brings us face to face with those little things taught by mothers that “prepare a strong foundation of success in life-not just rich butawholesome one also.” As the book progresses, experiences after experiences, sometimes of the author, sometimes of other successful people like him, it serves as an eye-opener to how simple things can have lasting impact in making of lives. One learns from the book that those fine men and women of our times, who have made a strong claim on success oweahuge amount of it to lessons well learnt – either from simple episodes of life or from some straight, motherly talk. The simplicity of the wisdom that flows throughout the book makes reading it an endearing experience. Each chapter offers a great mix of simple, commonplace happening turning into delectable real-life story with addition of a simple but profound wisdom.
Aided by a lucid flow of language, little pieces of priceless reasoning keep flowing all through the book. It concludes again with a story from the yore, where the wisest of the wise Yug Purush, too, finds Himself indulged by motherhood. “Narayana or no, he was her little boy who needed a firm maternal hand.” Despite the knowledge of Him being the Narayana,Yashoda “did not hold back from fulfilling her duty.... All so he could become who he was meant to be.” The book, dedicated to ‘Mumma. Mine and Yours’, is so much like mom’s cooking, delicious and seemingly easy – the ease, of course, coming from hard work and experiences of years. All proceeds of the book will be donated to charity