Dewani-Sial stuns formidable Kabra-Agrawal in opener
   Date :11-Mar-2023

Sports Reporter
Girish Dewani and his partner Rohit Sial gave a stunning performance as they went on to beat Namasyu Kabra and Dhruv Agrawal in the opening encounter of late Adv MK Naidu Memorial Snicket League at the Billiards Room of Central Provinces Club on Friday evening. Kabra and Agrawal pair, who have recently won the Gondwana Club’s RMT Parikh Trophy, were defeated by Dewani and Sial 157-103 in the lung opener of the tournament. Girish-Rohit preferred to defend and Namayasu-Dhruv who scored 103. Girish-Rohit then scored 157 to win the opening battle. In another match, Vishal Panchmatia and Rajesh Mohta beat 154-44.
The tournament has gained much significance as players from abroad are also participating in this year’s event.
Siddharth Joshi from USA, Aditya Parekh from Australia, Sanjeev Arora from Dubai, Ashish Agrawal from Malayasia will be seen in action in the tournament which is being sponsored by Advocate Prakash Naidu.
Earlier, the tournament was inaugaurated by Sameera Prakash Naidu and Secretary of the CP Club Naresh Jaisinghani. Ujjwal Kothari, Sub-Secretary, Billiards, Adv Prakash Naidu, Brajesh Khemka, Rahul Sharma, Gautam Kale, Dushyant Mhaisalkar, Mahesh Hirani, Ashish Agrawal, Siddharth Joshi and other members of the club were also present.