Daga-Chokhani pair registers victory
   Date :12-Mar-2023

Daga Chokhani
THE pair of Ashok Daga and Pankaj Chokhani toppled Avneesh Sapra and Prachit Agrawal by an innings on second day of Adv MK Naidu Memorial Snicket League at the Billiards Room of Central Provinces Club on Saturday. Sapra-Agrawal pair scored just 87 after Daga-Chokhani had made a whopping 282 points. In the match between Manomay Goenka-Sahil Kamwani and Rahul Sharma-Gautam Kale, the former defeated their seeded counterpart by an innings. The team of Sharma-Kale could muster 89 against 189 posted by Goenka-Kamwani.