Date :15-Mar-2023

THE manner in which the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) raised the issue of unacceptable remarks by Congress leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi in England, is praiseworthy. Ministers Mr. Rajnath Singh and Mr. Piyush Goyal raised the issue in the two Houses of Parliament and sought an unequivocal apology from Mr. Rahul Gandhi for making uncouth remarks about Indian democracy being in danger in the BJP regime. Both the ministers raised the issue systematically completely in tune with parliamentary procedures and brought to fore the terrible negativism indulged in by Mr. Rahul Gandhi during his speeches and interviews during his recent tour of the United Kingdom. This behaviour of Mr. Gandhi calls for an unconditional apology from him, the ministers and others insisted. This is as per the decorum of Parliament, and therefore, calls for such an apology from Mr. Gandhi.
In fact, a mere apology is not going to solve any problem. For, even if Mr. Gandhi offers a cosmetic apology, his political behaviour is not going to change -- particularly when general elections are due in the next one year. There is also another possibility that Mr. Gandhi may choose to create a parliamentary road-block by refusing to tender an apology since he does not think that whatever he has said was wrong. Third, he may choose to corner much publicity in the current political atmosphere, making an attempt to portray the Modi Government in the worst possible manner. Mr. Gandhi may use the opportunity to remain in the centrestage of public attention as part of his election strategy. Let alone all that, the BJP did well in raising the issue systematically in Parliament, thus bringing to fore the grave mistake Mr. Rahul Gandhi has indulged in while on his latest trip to England.
In fact, considering Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s uncouth and untrue remarks about India, we had demanded a more severe punishment for him -- such as arrest, and subsequent removal of his from Parliament. The Government may not accept such options for obvious political reasons. But if the Government chooses to do that, then the whole nation will stand by it. Such is the people’s response to Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s uncouth and totally false remarks about India and her democracy on a foreign soil!
In fact, there is a need for the BJP and its like-minded parties to organise popular demonstrations against Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his ugly remarks, all over the country. If the Congress party can launch such protests for no reasons, then the BJP has every moral and political justification to launch a counter-narrative through mass protests. In fact, such a counter to Mr Gandhi and his party will solve a major political issue for the BJP -- that is recruitment of new members into its membership fold, particularly during the current election season that may last for well over one year from this point onward.
It is obvious that Mr. Gandhi wants to kick up a lot of political dust in an attempt to malign the Modi Government -- as well as the country. He does not seem interested in winning elections. His primary interest is in creating serious disturbances in the country. If he were interested in winning elections, he would not have indulged in remarks that would bring for him a sure electoral disaster. For, when a political leader indulges in ugly and untruthful remarks about the country everywhere, including on foreign soil, then his interest is not correction or even garnering political mileage. His interest, then, is in maligning the country’s fair name in the international arena. In fact, Mr. Rahul Gandhi may be helping the BJP indirectly by indulging in making such remarks. For that, the BJP must thank him!