Raj community’s peculiar decision: Only clean-shaven grooms can exchange vows
   Date :15-Mar-2023

Only clean-shaven 
IN WHAT could be ascribed as a strange decision, a local committee organising mass marriage ceremonies in Rajasthan has taken a collective decision of allowing only clean-shaven grooms while those with long beard will be returned. The decision was taken unanimously in the meeting called by Shri Kshatriya Kumawat Samuhik Vivah Samiti, which will be conducting a mass marriage ceremony on March 30. However, what makes news is the unique order issued by the committee members.
The officials of the committee have directed that only clean-shave grooms will be permitted to attend the marriage, and anyone with a beard will be sent back. The meeting was held in Govindgarh where committee president Satyanarayan Mawar and secretary Chhoturam Mawal said that grooms are directed to come clean-shaven to promote Indian culture. Under western influence, many grooms come for their wedding with long beards which look indecent. At times, their identity remains hidden and hence comes the order.