Nelson Hospital introduces therapeutic hypothermia machine for new-borns
   Date :17-Mar-2023

Nelson Hospital 
Business Bureau
For the first time in Nagpur, the body cooling machine (therapeutic hypothermia) designed to reduce brain damage after birth asphyxia was introduced in Nelson Hospital. Under the guidance of Dr Satish Deopujari, this machine was inaugurated at Nelson Hospital by Dr D S Raut and Dr Sindu Bhute, in the presence of Dr Vinki Rugvani, Dr Sanjay Pakmode, Dr Yogesh Tembekar, Dr Mousin, USA, Dr Girish Charde, Dr Sonalkumar Bhagat and CA Ganesh Kharode.
Therapeutic hypothermia, also known as Neonatal hypothermia, is a medical treatment used to reduce the risk of brain damage in New-borns who have experienced a lack of oxygen to the brain during or shortly after birth.