Rahul speaking language of anti-India forces: Rijiju
   Date :17-Mar-2023

THE Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday launched a fresh salvo on Rahul Gandhi for his democracy remark, with Union Law Minister and party leader Kiren Rijiju alleging that the Congress leader was speaking the language of anti-India forces and a “gang” which had conspired to defame India. Addressing a press conference here, Rijiju said, people will question law makers if they don’t condemn the act of a fellow MP and seek his apology on the floor of the House for the comments in London.
“The language spoken by Rahul Gandhi is the same language spoken by those working against India, conspired against India. He will have to apologise in Parliament. It is our duty to seek his apology,” he said. The minister said, Gandhi “lied” about India in London. First he said he was not allowed to speak in Parliament, which is totally “incorrect” as he spoke more than the allocated time and he spoke freely. Whatever he spoke had no substance, he maintained. “Secondly Gandhi said he was not allowed to speak in colleges and universities, this is also completely false. During his yatra, he spoke everyday multiple times, day and night, criticising the Government. Gandhi is the most spoken person in the country,” he said. The Minister said, Gandhi is “hurting” the dignity of Parliament despite being its member and he has “insulted” the Constitution and judiciary. “But our judiciary is robust”.