EV charging unit built in RIPA
   Date :18-Mar-2023

EV charging unit  
Staff Reporter
There has been a revolution in the country regarding battery operated vehicles and the entire market is about to shift in this direction. Durg District Rural Industrial Park (RIPA) has also made preparations to capture this market. Looking at the market for battery operated vehicles growing rapidly all over the world and also within India and to encourage this, electric vehicle (EV) charging units are being installed by the government and private sectors. Keeping in view the possibilities of this huge market, arrangements have been made for the production of charging units in RIPA as well. Its unit is being set up in village Funda in Durg district.
Collector Pushpendra Kumar Meena inspected this unit in Funda and similarly the units to be installed for other products. District Panchayat CEO Ashwini Dewangan was also present with him. A unit to install cow dung paint making machine is also being set up here. The Collector discussed with the entrepreneurs who are building the units. He said that cow dung paint is in great demand due to its anti-bacterial properties and units for making cow dung paint are also coming up in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. There will be a lot of demand for the machines for this big market, so this setup is being set up. One unit was related to medical equipment in which materials related to medical gloves, masks, surgery kits etc. would be manufactured. Along with this, there will be space for other entrepreneurs as well. In this, people associated with traditional business will also be able to do their work. So far, 185 people, who will be local, will get employment in the units being set up. A nursery is also being set up here where such plants will be produced which are sold commercially. It is expected that more than 2,000 people will be able to get employment from the units set up in RIPA so far. Apart from this, employment can be generated on a large scale by starting traditional business and rural enterprises here.