Our youths are back to science to make India Vishwa Guru: Sakhalecha
   Date :18-Mar-2023

Staff Reporter
Youths have a huge contribution in making a Self-reliant India. That’s why we have to move forward towards ‘Atrmnirbhar Bharat through science. Earlier, in the field of science, we were at the forefront of the world. There was some decline in the intervening period, but now our youths are back in the field of science to make India a Vishwa Guru, said Science and Technology Minister Omprakash Sakhalecha. Minister Sakhlecha was addressing the students presents at the inauguration of the 38th Madhya Pradesh Young Scientist Congress and Science Festival which started at SATI College in Vidisha on Friday.
The programme was organised under the aegis of MP Council of Science and Technology and Samrat Ashok Technological Institute (SATI). Sakhalecha also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is constantly working for how to increase the interest of the coming generation in science. The intention of Prime Minister and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is that the interest of the youth of the country should increase in science, start-ups and industries should start in every village and every city and our country should emerge as a developed and self-reliant country on the world stage. We all have gathered here for the purpose of fulfilling this objective. I have full faith that the readers of research papers here will move forward and the interest in science will also increase in the minds of the listeners. Today technology is changing fast: Minister Sakhalecha said that there is a need for rapid changes in the education system in the coming times. Today, technology is changing rapidly. Science is moving in every field, without it nothing is possible. Along with the world, we are also gaining momentum here. What are the challenges in the coming times, what are we doing for this. This must be considered. He appreciated this program organised at SATI College and said that such events generate interest in science among the students. RGPV Vice Chancellor Dr Sunil Kumar said that what we all want is a secure future. Are we giving such a discipline to our students, but science is such a discipline, which can give a secure future. He said that from childhood till today, whenever he lies under the open sky, he thinks about the limits of science. How limited is it? He said that Vidisha is a small town but has a sense of belonging. I feel familiar with whomever I meet here.
Research should also be done on controlling the weather: During this, Secretary of Maharaja Jivajirao Education Society, Dr Laxmikant Markhedkar, who arrived as a special guest, said that SATI has got the privilege of organising the Madhya Pradesh Young Scientists Congress and Science Festival for the second time. He said that the first time this event was held here in 2007 and is being organised now. Addressing the young scientists from across the country, he said that a day before, unseasonal rains and hailstorm destroyed the crops of the district. Due to which the farmers suffered a lot. On the other hand, due to unseasonal rains and hailstorms, there is a lot of damage to the crops across the country. That’s why young scientists from all over the country should do research on this as well and take control of the weather in their hands. He said that this event is being organised to fulfill the dream of the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the organisation and Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. It is known here that how young scientists do research and how they spread technology in every field through research. Dr Anil Kothari, Director General of Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology, said that today we have to do research according to the needs of the society and the country. How can we move forward by doing research in new areas? This should also be considered. We have to work on what kind of concept science is. Experts from all over the country have come to participate in the event.
SATI Director Dr R K Pandit said that the doors of SATI are always open for discussion of science. He called upon all the researchers to present their research here and take away new ideas and then do the work again. On this occasion, Dr Arvind Ranade, Executive Director of INSA, Dr Kamlesh Chandra Sharma, Additional Chief Engineer of MP Atomic Power Project, K C Sharma of NPCIL, Co-ordinator of Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology Bhopal Dr. RS Bhardwaj and Co-ordinator Dr. Manoj Rathore etc also addressed. Former MLA Ramesh Agarwal was also present.
Multi trainer vehicle will tell where the bomb is planted in the ground: Mechanical Engineering third year student Vikas Patel said that he along with his colleagues has prepared a multi-trainer vehicle, which is very useful for military personnel. It can run on flat vehicles as well as on forests, fields and mountains. From this it can be ascertained where the enemy has fitted the bombs in the ground. At the same time, the Forest Department staff can also protect and monitor the forest through this. At the same time, farmers can use it to increase the yield of their crops. Because through this it is known that where in the field, how much fertiliser and water is required by the crop. Similarly, models were made by the students on many topics like ETP, wind energy, green energy etc.
Resolved the queries of the students: Scholars from all over the country read their research papers. A science workshop was organised in the same college. In which scientists from all over the country put forward their views and solved the science-related queries of the students. Along with the Digital Planetarium, star gazing through binoculars was also provided to the students at night.