Sharma-Kale overpowers Jain-Parekh
   Date :19-Mar-2023

THE pair of Rahul Sharma and Gautam Kale played brilliantly as they went on to beat the pair of Manoj Jain and Aditya Parekh in the ongoing Adv MK Naidu Memorial Snicket League at the Billiards Room of Central Provinces Club. Sharma and Kale pair showed some brilliant cueing skills as they pocket the balls with precision to score 100 points. Jain and Parekh too started well and were on the right course but they lost the plot midway only to score 74 points thus losing the match by 26 points. In another match, Vidhaan Sharma and Kunal Shukul pair spoiled Tarun Mohota and Vaibhav Rai’s chances of making it to the next round. In a crucial match, the Mohota and Rai pair were defeated by Sharma and Shukul by 28 points.
Tarun Mohta and Vaibhav Rai, who were strong contenders for the finalist slots, managed to score 59 points against Sharma-Shukul who scored 88. With this loss, chances of Mohota and Rai pair qualifying for the next round of the tournament stand extremely bleak. In another match, Ashish Sharma and Abhishek Jain crushed Ashish Agrawal and Siddharth Joshi 285-34 in a one-sided battle. Dushyant Mhaisalkar and Bindesh Paul (90) registered a narrow three-point win over Girish Dewani and Rohit Sial (87).