‘Need to revisit strategiesto achieve inclusiveness’
    Date :22-Mar-2023

 Vishpala Hundekari                                     Dr Gajanan Dange                                       Durganand Jha
Staff Reporter : 
CIVIL20 India 2023 Inception Meeting provided a perfect platformforNGOstoputacross the message of need to revisit the strategies so that concept of inclusiveness is achieved in real sense, said the Working Group co-ordinators for the meet Vishpala NaikHundekari,DrGajananDange and Durganand Jha. During media interaction on the sidelines ofthe meet,the three put forth their views and outlined the discussion held over the two days. They also elaborated on strategy that was decided to move ahead and forge consensusamongG-20nations on evolving common strategy. Vishpala said, she was hosting the group that delved into preservation of traditional handicrafts, which in itself is a big challenge as this intervention has potential to reverse migrationthatiscurrentlyputting pressure on urban areas. During the discussion, the focus was on evolving some well-framed strategy wherein each delegate presented his view points on how to finalise the framework that can be translated into action.
To a question, she said, definitely glitz and glamour of city is hard to resist. However, some success story in the country does enthuse us for promoting the traditional artisans at national and international level. What they require is proper hand-holding and guidance, intervention at policy level so that the traditional crafts can be treated as niche value. Vishapala was national co-ordinator for Concept Art, Craft and Livelihood and mentioning the last part, she said, the goal is to have sustainable development goal.
Echoing the same point, Dr Gajanan Dange, President, Yojak Centre for Research and Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development, who works in remote Nandurbar area and co-ordinator for Lifestyle for Environment, said, today there is greater need to promote Indian concept wherein food is given religious status. Instead of just eating to fill up the stomach, the food should be treated holistically. Current development model is not sustainable till we alter out lifestyle and during discussion, various suggestions came out for converting it into actionable mode.
Some interventions have been done such as Green Fashion, a fashion designing institute in Pune is working on the idea, to promote it. However, Dr Dange was of the view that unless grassroots innovation is promoted, achieving sustainable development goals is near impossible. “A view was put forward during discussion in our sub-group to go for value based framework rather than limiting one to goal based one as same is performed out of sense of duty and responsibility which defeats its very purpose,” Dr Dange stated.
In his interaction, Dr Raghunanan Jha, who runs Centre for Policy Analysis in Bihar, said there is need for drastic change in Universal Human Rights Declaration. With passage of time, some of the Articles like Article 18 that says there should be Right to Choosing Religion was used to convert by the missionaries.
Today, one feels that human rights is being used to brow beat countries into submission for achieving strategic interest. He batted for decentralising the human rights concept and United Nations’ needs to have holistic discussion and stick to bare minimum universal declaration and instead, there should be regional declaration that reflects local culture.