Old woman forced to walk barefoot inscorching heat just to collect pension
   Date :22-Apr-2023

Old woman forced
IN A shocking incident from Odisha, a 70-year-old woman was seen walking barefoot for several kilometres only to collect her pension from a bank. According to a video which has gone viral on social media, the frail woman can be seen walking barefoot in scorching heat with the support ofabroken chair. The incident happened in the Jharigaon block of Nabrangpur district of Odisha on April 17. The elderlywoman,SuryaHarijan,isvery poor. Her older son is working as a migrant labourer in a different State. She is stayingwith heryoungerson’sfamilyandhe makes his living grazing other people’s cattle.
The family has no land to plough and lives in ahut.Theladywenttothebank to getthe pension, but she was told that her thumb is not matching the records, and she was forced to return home. BEHUMANE,SAYS NIRMALA TO SBI: Finance MinisterNirmala Sitharamanpulled upcountry’s largest lender SBI, asking ittoacthumanely, aftertagging a video on her Twitterhandleofanoldvillagewoman, walking barefoot in scorchingheat for kilometres. The SBI responded toSitharaman’s tweet and saidthe woman pension will bedeliveredatherdoorstepfromnext month onwards. It addedthat she would also be given awheelchair.