India stood by Pacific Island nations in time of need: PM Modi
   Date :23-May-2023

Modi World leader
A FRIEND in need is a friend indeed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told leaders of 14 Pacific Island nations on Monday invoking the old proverb and said those considered trustworthy were “not standing by our sides in times of need”, in what is being seen as an oblique reference to China. In his address to the leaders at a summit in Port Moresby, Modi said India stood by the Pacific Island nations in the challenging time and conveyed to them that they can consider New Delhi as a “reliable”development partner as it respects their priorities and itsapproach for cooperation isbased on human values. The Prime Minister, whoarrived here on Sunday on thesecond leg of his three-nationtour, also underlined theimportance of a free and openIndo-Pacific for the PacificIsland nations and said Indiarespects the sovereignty andintegrity of all countries. In his remarks at the FIPIC(Forum for India-Pacific IslandsCooperation) summit, Modi assured the island nations thatIndia is ready to share its capabilities and experiences withthem “without any hesitation”and “we are with you in everyway.”
The Prime Minister’scomments in the capital city of Papua New Guinea came amid China’s aggressive behaviour in the region as well as its efforts to expand its influence in the Pacific islandnations.“Thosewhom we considered trustworthy, it turned out that they were not standing by our side in times of need. During these challenging times,anold saying has proventrue:‘A Friend in need is a friend indeed’,” he said while talking about the adverse impact of COVID-19 pandemic and other global challenges. “ I am glad that Indiastood with its Pacific island friends during this challenging time. Whether it was vaccines or essentialmedicines,wheator sugar; India, in line with its capabilities,has been assisting all partner countries,”he said.ThePrimeMinister said India’s approach to development partnership is based on “human values”. “India respects your priorities. It feels proud to be your development partner. Whether it’s humanitarian assistance or your development, you can count India as are liable partner.Ourperspective is based on human values,” he said.