Navy’s latest destroyerintercepts supersonic target
   Date :24-May-2023

Navy latest destroyer
INDIAN Navy’s latest indigenous guided missile destroyer INS Mormugao successfully carried out an engagement of sea-skimming supersonic target.The Navy said, “The missile accurately hit its target. The missile is capable of hitting its target up to a distance of 300 kilometres.” Sea-skimming refers to a missile that flies as close as possible to the sea surface. It stays at a height of less than 10 feet. INS Mormugao measures 163 meters in length and 17 meters in breadth. It is a warship constructed in India with a displacement of 7,400 tonnes. INS Mormugao is equipped with missiles such as BrahMos and Barak-8.
This modern Indian-made warship is equipped with Israel’s MF-STAR radar, which can detect long-range air targets. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had dedicated MormugaototheIndianNavy in December last year. OnMay14,INSMormugao successfullyhitthetargetduring its maiden Brahmos Supersoniccruisemissilefiring. Mormugao has been designedbytheIndianNavy’s Warship Design Bureau. It is the world’s most advanced missile carrier armed with weapons.Thewarshipcanhit targets fromadistanceof 300 km. INS Mormugao was named afterthe historic port city of Goa. The warship undertook its first sea sortie on Dec 19, 2021, when Goa celebrated 60 years of liberation from Portuguese rule.