2 more cheetah cubs dieat Kuno National Park
   Date :26-May-2023

2 more cheetah cubs
■ Staff Reporter
IN A major setback to the Cheetah Project, two more cubs of cheetah Jwala died at Kuno National Park on Thursday afternoon. Officials said that rising temperature and heat wave took a toll on the cubs. Jwala had delivered four cubs about two months back. One of the cubs died onTuesday while other two died on Thursday. Jwala is left with only one cub surviving. Officials said that temperature rose to 46 degrees Celsius which is the reason for the death of cheetah cubs. They said that all the remaining three cubs were kept under observation and despite all rescueefforts, two of them succumbedto heat wave. The cheetah haddelivered four cubs in Marchthis year.
The fourth cub is kept under observation as his healthcontinues to remain critical. The first cub died of weakness. Officials said that all the cubswere found to be weak, underweight and poorly hydrated. Mother cheetah Jwala, whodelivered first time, is fromhund Riyadh breed. Experts said that percentageof cheetah cub surviving inAfrica is very low. Procedure forpost-mortem of the cub isunderway. The mother cheetah, Jwala is healthy