20% dip in crime rate after implementation of Police Commissioner System in cities: Mishra
   Date :26-May-2023

Man behind pioneering several initiatives from razing criminal’s houses, connecting social fabrics with the police and accelerating offices working, the Bhopal Police Commissioner, Harinarayan Chari Mishra, in an exclusive talk with ‘The Hitavada’ Senior Special Correspondent Bhavana Aparajita Shukla spoke on a variety of issues pertaining to law & order situation and nature of crime in big cities of the State.
Q 1 You have been posted at all the major cities of the State namely Jabalpur, Indore and now in Bhopal. How do dynamics differ from a law enforcement agency’s point of view in these cities?
Ans: Of course! Nature of crime changes with the city. Every city has its own kind of challenge. In Bhopal, sensational crime is not much as compare to other major cities like Indore where murder, theft, property related are on higher side. There is huge difference in populations. Bhopal’s population is around 25 lakh and that of Indore is around 40-45 lakh. At administrative capital, VVIPs movements are frequent so as the role of police personnel gets change. But still challenge persist as sensitivity and prompt and constant response is in demand.
Q 2 Not more than two months have been completed since you took the charge of Police Commissioner of Bhopal. Being political and administrative capital, the city has always been in prime focus. In election year, challenges before police become manifold. There are talks about mobilising team to a greater extent in such a short period. How are you channelising things ?
Ans: With planning and effective execution, we can achieve desire results to a greater extent. In Bhopal, we are conducting review meetings in every 10 days. Most importantly, we conduct one-to-one meeting with zonal official. In review task, we discourage group discussion/evaluation. It makes official more responsible as well as answerable. In addition to proper in-depth focus on a particular zone, a comprehensive analysis about the incidents and its chain in broader perspective can be understood.
Q 3 As you have earlier mentioned, in Bhopal your priority will be women’s safety. How you are going to achieve this?
Ans: I always believe we should focus on vulnerable section of the society which are mainly children, women and elderly people. Sometimes if police personnel have to go extra mile to achieve this we should do. As far as control over crime against women is concern in the State capital, our teams have been instructed to keep a track record of localities and area from where number of complaints are higher. patrolling has been increased in those patches accordingly.
Q 4 Recently, one year of implementation of Police Commissioner System has been completed. Now, we can evaluate its results. What are the findings?
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