Neolithic stone tools found in H’bad
   Date :26-May-2023

Neolithic stone
ARCHAEOLOGISTS here have recently found rare stone tools, belonging to the neolithic age, with the findings indicating that the city’s history goes back to about 6,000 years. The Neolithic age relates to the period when humans used tools and weapons made of stone and had just developed farming.
It was for the first time that neolithic tools have been found in the city, said E Sivanagi Reddy, a retired Government archaeologyofficial. Reddy,anotedarchaeologist and CEO of Pleach India Foundation, said he and S Haragopal of ‘Kotha Telangana Charitra Brundam’ (an organisation working on the history of Telangana) recently visited a natural rock formation at BNR Hills in the city, locally known as ‘tortoise rock’, to explore if there were any prehistoric rock paintings when they stumbleduponthe saiddiscovery. He said they closely looked at a gap between tworocksandfoundasmanyneolithicstone tools. “...To our surprise, we noticed two neolithic stone tools which are known as newstone age tools. One is 12 cminlength and another is 9 cm. The width is 2.5 cm...Thesetwostonesarevery,veryimportantarchaeologically.Theyare dated4,000 to 2,000 BC,” he said.