Revenue work hit in MP due to mass leaves of 20,000 patwaris
   Date :26-May-2023

leaves of 20,000 patwaris 
 Staff Reporter
Work in the Madhya Pradesh Revenue Department came to a standstill as 20,000 patwaris moved on a statewide three-day mass leave from Wednesday over the issue of demarcation and promotion. Patwari will not work for next two days and in this way they will be on leave for five days as Saturday and Sunday are holidays.
On the call of Madhya Pradesh Patwari Sangh, a memorandum was submitted on May 4 regarding abstaining from demarcation work in all the districts of the State, giving 2800 grade-pay on the basis of equal pay for equal work and other subjects. In which it was said that the demands should be fulfilled by May 23, but the demands were not fulfilled within the stipulated time limit. Due to this Patwaris went on mass leaves from May 24 to May 26. It must be noted that May 27 is a Saturday and May 28 is a Sunday. Due to weekend, Patwari will not work for these two days also. So, Patwari will stay away from work for five consecutive days. Before going on leaves, Patwaris also handed over memorandums to Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars.
Patwari Sangh President Upendra Singh said that Patwaris lack resources. On the other hand, there is pressure on patwaris due to non-demarcation work by 500 revenue inspectors appointed under the special recruitment drive, as the patwaris are already overburdened. Patwaris cannot do demarcation work in such a situation. Untill patwaris are not given 2800 grade-pay on equal pay for equal work basis and problems are not resolved, patwaris will not do demarcation work nor will they cooperate in any kind of demarcation work. In many districts, Collectors are getting the demarcation work done by Patwaris. Action is being taken like suspending them for not doing the work. In Singrauli district, 15 patwaris were suspended. At the same time, action has been taken against more than 100 patwaris in Sidhi district under suspension, no work, no pay etc. Due to this Patwari have gone on leave.