Russia’s Defence Minister seen in first video since mercenary revolt
   Date :27-Jun-2023

Russia Defence Minister 
RUSSIAN Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu made his first public appearance since a mercenary uprising demanded his ouster, inspecting troops in Ukraine in a video released on Monday aimed at projecting a sense of order after the country’s most serious political crisis in decades. But uncertainty still swirled about his fate, that of rebellion leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and his private army, the impact on the war in Ukraine, and even the political future of President Vladimir Putin.
A feud between Wagner Group leader Prigozhin and Russia’s military brass that has festered throughout the war erupted into a mutiny that saw the mercenaries leave Ukraine to seize Moscow. Meanwhile, the Wagner head on Monday released the first audio statement since an aborted armed rebellion, defending the move as a reaction to an attack on his force that killed some of his 30 fighters. “We started our march because of an injustice,” Prigozhin said in an 11-minute audio. He didn’t offer any details as to where he was or what his future plans are. A popular Russian news channel on Telegram reported that he had been seen at a hotel in Belarusian capital, Minsk.