India hands over G20 presidency gavel to Brazil
   Date :11-Sep-2023

Modi proposes a virtual G20 session around end of November
Makes strong pitch for UNSC expansion, reforms in global institutions 
AS CURTAINS came down on the G20 Summit on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed a virtual session of the bloc around the end of November to take stock of the suggestions and decisions made at the leaders’ summit. At the concluding session, Modi handed over the gavel and offered best wishes to Brazil for the next presidency. Brazil will officially take over the mantle of the presidency of the elite grouping on December 1 this year.
Modi also made a strong pitch for expansion of the UN Security Council and reforms in all global institutions, asserting that they should reflect the world’s “new realities” as it is nature’s law that those who don’t change with times, lose relevance. Echoing Modi’s pitch at an earlier session for reforms in global institutions, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said the UN Security Council needs new developing countries as permanent and non-permanent members to regain political strength. “We want greater representation for emerging countries at the World Bank and the IMF,” he said. Speaking at the ‘One Future’ session during the G20 Summit, Modi made a fresh push for reforms in global institutions, including the United Nations. “In order to take the world towards a better future, it is necessary that the global systems are according to the present realities. Today, the ‘United Nations Security Council’ is also an example of this. When the UN was established, the world was completely different from what it is today. At that time there were 51 founding members in the UN. Today the number of countries included in the UN is around 200,” Modi said. “Despite this, the number of permanent members in the UNSC remains the same.
The world has since changed a lot in every aspect. Be it transport, communication, health and education, every sector has been transformed. These new realities should reflect in our new global structure,” he said. The UNSC has five permanent members - the US, China, France, Britain and Russia. He noted that many regional groupings have emerged and proved effective in the last many years and said that it calls for reflection. Pitching for reforms, he said that is why a historic initiative was made on Saturday by making the African Union a member of the G20. “Similarly, we also need to expand the mandate of multilateral development banks. Our decisions in this direction should be immediate and effective,” the Prime Minister said. Later, at the concluding session, Prime Minister Modi extended full support to Brazil and expressed confidence that the Brazilian presidency of the G20 will take forward the shared goals of the bloc. “India passes the gavel to Brazil. We have unwavering faith that they will lead with dedication, vision and will further global unity as well as prosperity,” Modi said. Modi also proposed a virtual G20 session by November-end to take stock of the suggestions and decisions made at the Leaders’ Summit. “In the last two days, you have put forward your views, given suggestions and a number of proposals have been put forward. It is our responsibility that the suggestions that have come forth are closely looked upon as to how they can be speeded up,” Modi said.