One can achieve success in multiple businesses simultaneously: Kusumgar
   Date :11-Sep-2023

Business Bureau
Well-known businessman Nikhil Kusumgar, while addressing the session organised here by Vidarbha Management Association (VMA) on Sunday said that one can achieve success in multiple businesses simultaneously with proper planning. he also said that by developing a well-organised system complementing the nature of business, the entrepreneurs can run the business smoothly. “Additional businesses can also be considered at the same time,” he added. He shared his story and spoke about his 40 years of professional journey and also gave many useful tips to the professionals. Kusumgar said that, “I had planned to become a Chartered Accountant. So I went to Mumbai for education, but in 1995, during the days of my final exam, my father suffered a heart attack and I had to return. This incident became the turning point of my life. We had an ancestral business of selling bicycles. I had worked as a distributor of Hero Motocorp for two years. After returning to Nagpur, I had to focus on business. Then I started gaining more and more interest in the business and learnt my many lessons,” he said.
He further said that, “every business has a certain arena. Difficulties began to arise when the business of selling ‘Hero-puck’ had started. Vehicles were sold with the help of a finance company. Although the experience was not good, the idea of starting a finance company came from this experience only. I started different businesses including a hospital. Always be careful that starting a new business does not disturb the existing work,” he added. Vidarbha Management Association is a Nagpur-based organization which meets every Sunday at 10:30 AM. It is dedicated to impart learnings related to Management and Leadership Skills to its Members. VMA is a non-profit organisation and is currently in its 19th year of operation.