Entrepreneur’s impudent reaction on social media draw public outrage
   Date :13-Sep-2023

social media 
By Bhavana ‘Aparajita’
Ongoing row of controversial comment over Indore’s cleanest tag, public outrage, defamation case continue to hit the headline on Tuesday also, as Ashneer Grover’s response against the case has once again raised Indorities eyebrows. Reacting to the case, Ashneer Grover tweeted, “Sorry to the people, not to politicians”. A non-cognizable offence information report has been registered against Ashneer Grover after a video showcasing his comment on Indore’s top rank (bought) in cleanliness survey. The case has been filed under sections 499 and 500 (defamation and its punishment) of the Indian Penal Code. ‘The Hitavada’ has a copy of the information report. His reaction to the case has caused a major backlash. Discerning people talking to ‘The Hitavada’ have said, “Law will take its own course but the people of Indore understand what does he mean. Now, he is trying to play politics trying to divide people and its representative’s sentiments.” In response to a defamation case filed against him, this entrepreneur has tweeted “Sorry to Indore but not sorry to any politician”. He further texted that “You’ve got great people and a city. But politicians everywhere have got no chill. Unnecessary politics being made out of a statement made in jest in a playful conversation on Bhopal vs. Indore. Where the audience had fun-no offence was meant. None taken by anyone. No one getting offended now was even present in the room”.
People are condemning his tweet and comments also as an insult to the hard work of the people of Indore and sanitation workers . some of them advised him not to play politics by dividing people and Politicians. ‘our sentiments on this issue are same.’ Smita Jaiswal, Principal, in a private school said that hygiene and cleanness are the things which can’t be painted in a single day. Filth can’t be hide, it is surprising if people like him think otherwise. It seems that he use to make perception first and then act.” She further said that “now he is trying to play politics trying to divide sentiments of people and that of politicians. Instead being feeling sorry he is trying to be over smart.” Grover was heard questioning the legitimacy of Indore's cleanliness achievements and suggesting that the survey results were ‘bought’. Notably, the city has remained on top in the Centre’s Swachh Sarvekshan for six consecutive years. He further said that he doesn't care about an FIR, commenting that he wasn't 'a pushover and ''won't be bullied''. He added, ''Not Sorry to any politician. Ever. No one. Any party. Fire an FIR. File a case. It doesn't matter I am not a pushover - won't be bullied. Don't make an issue where there is none. It might be an election year but people are smart. Indori people - super smart. I'll come to Indore when I wish, as many times I wish...'. He concluded by saying that Bhopal is his favourite, and also called it ‘India's best city’.
Senior Advocate Sunil Vyas said “in his response to the case, it can be seen that he is trying to bring the Indore and Bhopal people against each other. His mind is filled with negativity. It merely shows that he doesn't know anything about the state. He doesn't know ground reality how roads were cleaned just after Rangpanchami within 30 minutes. sanitation workers in Indore do much more than just picking up wrappers from the streets.” Rangpanchmi festival of colour is celebrated at a grand level here. In an event in Indore, Grover was heard in the video saying, “See, there is a concept; playing to the gallery, that is, wherever you go, praise it saying I have never seen such a nice city. Now the problem with me is that for three-four years I have heard that Indore is the cleanest city...you have bought the survey. It's a simple thing.” Grover, however, immediately clarified he was not saying there was filth in Indore, and that he meant several construction works are going on in the city. Pushyamitra Bhargava, Mayor of Indore, told ‘The Hitavada’ over phone that his statement “is an insult to the hard work of the city’s people and sanitation workers for cleanliness. We have filed a case”.