Dr Jaiswal triumphs in Ironman
   Date :14-Sep-2023

Dr Jaiswal 
DR RAJENDRA Jaiswal secured a medal in his fourth Ironman 70.3 distance triathlon, held in the challenging terrain of Kolhapur. The event posed exceptional difficulties due to the numerous high hills, adverse weather conditions and under-construction roads. In a remarkable feat of physical prowess, Dr Jaiswal completed the gruelling 1.9km swimming segment, followed by a demanding 90km cycling course and ultimately conquered a daunting 21km run, all within 8 hours and 23 minutes.
Dr Jaiswal, who holds two world records, showcased his unwavering commitment to endurance sports. One remarkable achievement was a non-stop 12.5-hour run, covering a distance of 80.5 km while proudly carrying the tri-colour. During challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic, he embarked on another extraordinary journey — running non-stop for 13 hours, covering 85 km, all within the confines of his drawing room.
Dr Jaiswal stands as sole ultra runner from Nagpur who has successfully completed both 100km and 161km ultra marathons amidst the challenging conditions of Hennur Bamboo forest in Bangalore. Acknowledging his triumph, Dr Jaiswal credited his success to an exceptional team of mentors and coaches. Coach Dr Yogesh Satav, Physiotherapist Dr Neena Sahu, swimming coaches sanjay Batwe and Vishal, and mentors Dr Amit Samarth, Dr Sunita Dhote, his wife, Vinita, have played pivotal roles in his journey towards excellence.