Aura Conservation Park becomes favorite destination for many
   Date :17-Sep-2023

Aura Conservation Park
Business Bureau :
In a span of just a few years, Aura Conservation Park has established itself as the largest collection of medicinal plants in Central India by promoting, cultivating and preserving various medicinal plants. It has created a space in the minds and hearts of people and especially students and nature lovers. More than 800 medicinal plants species are conserved at Aura Conservation Park. Many of these plants have become rare, while many are on the verge of extinction. Preservation and cultivation methods of all these plants are also being developed here. Aura Conservation Park has become a favorite destination for inquisitive students, multidisciplinary researchers, tree lovers and environmentalists, botanists and all kinds of enthusiasts who are eager to learn something new.
Aura Conservation Park offers a variety of activities for enthusiasts of all ages like Van-aushadhi darshan; identification of herbs, nature education programme, nature walk; bird watching; star gazing; various workshops and training programmes, etc. Director of Aura Conservation Park, Ambarish Ghatate appealed to all, that, as many people as possible should plant medicinal plants in their homes, offices, factories, vacant plots and farmers should grow medicinal plants in atleast 10 per cent to 20 per cent of their agricultural land. Further, Ambarish Ghatate said that everyone should visit Aura Conservation Park to understand and participate in all this in an atmosphere of ease and playfulness. For more information, interested persons may contact - Aura Conservation Park, Nagpur (7499514101) Manas Ayurveda Nursery, Nagpur (8087009122).