GRC conducts outdoor training for 287 Agniveers
   Date :17-Sep-2023
GRC conducts
Staff Reporter :
In a steadfast commitment to train Agniveers, Grenadiers Regimental Centre (GRC) conducted two days outdoor exercise for 287 Agniveers of this regiment during their 27th week of training. The exercise was set in real conditions of terrain interspersed with water obstacles, undulating ground, raining weather conditions and stimulation of battle like situations like enemy minefield, smoke, Small Arm firing and battle chaos. This revamped outdoor exercise embodied a holistic approach, integrating cutting-edge tactical instruction with physical conditioning and mental resilience. It was meticulously designed to equip Agniveers with the skills, knowledge, and fortitude needed to operate during real conditions of battle and dynamic modern warfare scenarios.
Outdoor exercise encompassed a diverse range of subjects including marksmanship, field craft, combat techniques, navigation and leadership development. Emphasis was placed on instilling values of integrity, teamwork, and adaptability, ensuring that recruits emerge as not only proficient soldiers but also responsible citizens. Commandant, Grenadiers Regimental Centre debriefed Agniveers on culmination of exercise and commented that, “Our soldiers are the bedrock of our nation’s defence. This upgraded training exercise reflects our unwavering commitment to providing them with the best tools and knowledge to face any challenge.” He also focussed on the importance of outdoor exercise painted to the Agniveers of Grenadiers Regiment in real conditions of terrain and weather. The Grenadiers Regimental Centre remains resolute in its dedication to safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and ensuring the safety of its citizens. This advanced recruit training initiative is a testament to the Army’s unwavering resolve and its relentless pursuit of excellence in every facet of national defence.