Vigilant cops foil two protesters’ self-immolation bid in Nainpur
   Date :19-Sep-2023

Vigilant cops foil two protesters 
Our Correspondent
In the ongoing protest in demand for district status to Nainpur, a dramatic and alarming turn of events was witnessed as protesters resorted to attempt of self-immolation. However due to swift action by police, such attempt was averted. The situation escalated rapidly, with two separate pyres erected in front of the local police station, only to be averted at the last moment. The demand to make Nainpur an independent district has been a longstanding issue, with a persistent 47-day-long protest movement. However, it took a dangerous turn on Monday. Committee convener Vimlesh Soni and retired city inspector Sumita Yadav decided to take an extreme step by dousing themselves in inflammable substance in front of a large crowd.
As the two protesters prepared to set themselves on fire at the appointed time, local police, vigilant and ready, intervened swiftly. Amidst chaotic scenes, the police took both Soni and Yadav into custody, preventing what could have been a major tragedy. The situation necessitated the use of water cannons by firefighters and tear gas to disperse the agitated crowd. The local police administration’s effective and timely response averted a big incident and upheld the rule of law. The act of self-immolation was a stark reminder of the intensity and determination behind the demand for a new district. Following their detention, Soni and Yadav’s supporters staged a protest, blocking the road and demanding the immediate release of their leaders. Police officers attempted to engage with the protesters in a dialogue to defuse the situation, but tensions ran high, leading to a temporary roadblock.
In the midst of these events, Vimlesh Soni’s health deteriorated significantly, with his blood pressure dropping dangerously low. He was promptly rushed to the Government hospital in an ambulance. Medical professionals at the hospital are providing him with the necessary care and treatment, assuring the public that his condition is stable and he is expected to recover soon. The incident has drawn attention to the pressing demand for the creation of a new district in Nainpur and the lengths to which some protestors are willing to go to push for their cause. Local authorities are now faced with the challenge of addressing this demand while ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents. It remains to be seen how the administration will respond to this escalating situation in the days to come.